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During the life time of Dead by Daylight there has only ever been a handful of perks the survivors had to use that were extremely effective at what they do.

Decisive Strike is at the forefront sporting one of the most powerful effects the game has ever seen. Shifting the META around itself as it provided the survivors a guaranteed second chance against a killer. When it came to survive with friends (SWF), Object of Obsession was a powerful tool. Capable of reading the killer’s location and provide that information to your team over voice chat. Dead by Daylight developers would leak up coming changes to both perks to respond to the feedback from players.

Decisive Strike Changes

Decisive Strike changes suggested by the developers

One of the largest complaints of Decisive Strike is that players are capable of abusing the perk beyond its intention. Developers had repurposed Decisive Strike during the Patch 2.6.0. This was to focus its efforts towards preventing killers from focusing on a survivor. The change introduced a 60 second period where survivors were safe.

The proposed changes would prevent survivors from Healing, Repairing, Sabotaging, Unhooking, or cleansing. This seemingly minor change has a larger effect on the more aggressive players. Keeping the perk within its design, the survivors still maintain that protection from the initial unhook. Afterwards however, survivors will no longer have the opportunity to play aggressively while maintaining the 60 second protection from the perk. By making progress towards their objective, they’ll ultimately lose the protection that killers currently fear.

Overall the change is subtle but impactful. Players that want to be aggressive will need to change their playstyle. Killers should expect to still see the perk in use.

Object of Obsession Rework

Object of Obsession may not have been the strongest perk, but made an impact on group play. SWF has been a key part of the game since Patch 1.0.3. Players would be able to communicate using voice chat. Object of Obsession would take this further. Allowing SWF to announce where the killer was at all time.

Knowing the killer’s position and where they’re at can make the game really lose its suspense and fear. Killers were not able to counteract this perk until the introduction of the Undetectable status. With the survivor revealing their position, killers had to make the decision on who to chase. That choice was not always easy and usually came at a high cost tot he killer.

This leads us to the issue that Object of Obsession was too powerful for a SWF group and especially in any of the tournaments hosted through the years. Most of the competitive scene would add additional rules to attempt to curb the power of this perk by limiting its use or outright banning its use from the tournament. Which finally brings us to our suggested rework of Object of Obsession

Instead of always revealing the killer when the survivor looks in their direction, it will now reveal the killer whenever the killer is able to see the survivor’s aura. Additionally if that survivor is the obsession, it will reveal the survivor to the killer every 30 seconds at max rank. This means that the killer will also have their aura revealed due to the original power of the perk.

Unlike Decisive Strike this is not a change meant to nerf the perk. Instead the perk is being redesigned to have a more balanced purposed for solo players and still make an impact within the game. Ultimately I believe that this change will still give Object of Obsession a spot within the SWF META but also provide solo players the opportunity to spy on the killer and also gain knowledge about the killer’s build.

Overall the changes and suggestions are not final for either perks. Developers are seeking feedback and simply placing this information out there to see how the community feels about these changes. Behaviour is primarily interested in what the community would like to see in terms of changes to some perks that have been causing the community frustration over the last few years.


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